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DIGEST THIS! MAGAZINE is the first digital publication of its kind dealing with digestive issues and how gut-health directly affects the mind and body. Published by The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation, Digest This! is free and offers insight into the latest research on digestive disorders, community outreach programs, medical information from specialists, and helpful tips that provide readers with the tools to building a healthy lifestyle. The publication is completely digital, appearing on the Foundation’s website, as well as social media and website pages from medical and community partners, to initially reach an estimated one million viewers.

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The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that was awarded the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation President’s Grant Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation.  The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation funds the publication with grants and donations from companies interested in promoting education and research towards digestive diseases and to reach readers seeing information and healthy lifestyles associated with digestive health.

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